A Little Catch Up On Everything

Hello everyone!

You may be wondering where I have been and why the blog has been really quiet recently. I’ve missed my weekly posts which I feel super guilty about but since Logan’s first birthday we have been super busy so I thought I’d do a quick update for you all.

Logan’s first birthday was a success! after all the stress of organising it all it went so well everyone we invited turned up and thankfully not all at the same time as I don’t think Logan would have dealt with it well or the house for that matter as it seems so small when you have more than 4 people visit! Anyway as you can imagine he got spoilt! He loved playing with his new toys and having all the attention on him. The day must have completely warn him out as he went to sleep an hour earlier then usual and slept through!

After Logan’s birthday was over and done with the next day was spent trying to get the house in some sort of order again and I tried to finish the decorating but of course with so much to get done before our trip to Leeds I just didn’t manage it and still to this day it remains undone. Which I admit is starting to bother me a lot … but it’s a choice of enjoy the nice weather and time with Logan or graft my bum off inside and suffering for it later all whilst missing out on the lovely weather. It’s a no brainer really , the decorating will get done eventually.

Anyway back to what I was originally on about, our trip to Leeds. Logan had his next lot of celebrating to do with his Grandad and Glama. We also had a photo shoot booked whilst on our visit all thanks to Emma’s Diary but I won’t say too much on that as that blog is coming very soon, which I’m super excited to share with you all because the photos are Amazing! Whilst away in Leeds Jonny and I finally got some couple of time the first time in months and it was lovely as it was our first proper valentines together. We spent our night at bowling, we had a meal and a few pints (mocktails for me) and then headed to McDonald’s before coming back to see Logan. Date night was expensive mind but so worth it, just to get some couple time together and be ourselves again and not ‘mummy and daddy’.

After our trip to Leeds our journey home was… a drag if I’m honest but getting from Leeds to Goole was entertaining as Logan made two other baby friends… I say friends but he made a little girlfriend whilst on his travels. it was super cute, they sat next to each other in their pram holding hands, sharing toys, stroking each others face and being super cheeky. Honestly made my heart melt, Logan wasn’t too pleased when she had to get off the bus however as he just cried all the way to Hull until he eventually went to sleep.

Since then we’ve just being doing the boring bits and bobs like catching up on house work and finances. I had my mum visit recently which was lovely wasn’t quite the visit we hoped for as I had a huge accident with spilling a full tub of paint all over the floor that day so the house needed a deep clean as it ruined the floorboards (luckily didn’t catch the carpet!) but my mum saved the day and we all cracked on with deep cleaning the house which for once felt fun. We made up for the day by having a mini shopping day the next morning and since then we’ve kept on top of all the boring jobs and had lots of family time in the garden which has been a dream! We are loving the weather at the moment , Logan loves being outside and exploring his surrounding and getting mucky. Jonny has been hard at work chopping bushes down and giving the garden a good clean up and trim ready to make it look lovely for the summer. We plan to plant some trees, flowers and try growing our own fruit and veg. Something I never thought I’d say as I’m really not into gardening but seeing Logan enjoy being outside so much I thought it’d be nice for us all to learn together and he’d see it as messy play. It’ll be exciting to see all the new flowers come through too!

So yeah, that’s really quick catch up for you all. Blogs will be back to normal as I’m typing them up every night once Logan is asleep to keep on top of things as I’ve recently started an online college course… yes again! I always seem to start them and never go through with them as I change my mind but I’ve finally taken an interest in something that makes sense, I’d love to be a child psychologist eventually but if I never achieve that at least I can have my own business as a childminder.

Sorry for being quiet, Hope you all understand!

Now over to you! I love to get to know my readers so tell me, what have you done this week,anything exciting? Hows the weather been where you live? Leave a comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

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