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So today started of well , why you’re wondering ? Because I got a text saying my parcel was near and yes I sadly sat in bed constantly refreshing the page to see where Sean the delivery guy was.

So finally I have a new phone The Huawei P20 Pro and let’s just say it’s amazing. I’ll never convert back to Apple.

So as you can probably guess I’ve been playing around with it most of the day especially the camera.

Enough about the phone and back to the rest of the day, me and Jonny finally got some couple time together and went for a meal. Which were lovely both the food and getting time just for us. You really don’t realise how much attention lacks in a relationship when a baby is involved so we’ve now agreed to just have time to ourselves at least twice a month.

After the meal Jonny left for work and I went back home to Logan where we had some tummy time and of course a little photo session to try out my new camera.

We then went out food shopping and I picked up a bag of balls for ยฃ4.99.This was our first time properly out with the baby carrier , I actually loved it but the only fault is eating with it on. Poor Logan got lettuce dropped on his head whilst sleeping thanks to me eating a Big Mac, first ever big Mac may I add. Let’s just say I’m not a fan.

After shopping and McDonald’s we came home and I put the balls I’d just bought in the small paddling pool but it just wasn’t deep enough. I’ve been trying to get rid of the Moses basket for a while so instead decided to put the balls in there and sit Logan in it. Best decision ever he loved it!

Today has been a pretty good day bed the weather has been gorgeous too! I hope it stays like this.

Sadie x

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